CM Manufacturing offers a range of spray paint stencils that include Alphabet and Numbers, Warehouse Safety, Road Markings we offer alphabetical and numerical stencils in 50mm, 100mm and 150mm, other sizes are available on request. The size listed in each stencil is the size of the cut out of the stencil with extra material for overspray protection. We are continuously increasing our range of stencils available. If your company requires a custom stencil of your logo or other applications, contact us for a quote. 


We offer a range of engraved signs for occasions such as engagement parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions, birthdays, baby showers and other events and also for businesses. We offer a range of colours, and customise-able text. We can also produce custom signs that you would like for your occasion. We also offer selected generic signs for hire and tripod easels.


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